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A charming story about learning to become self-reliant and self-supporting. Minou lived a Cinderella life. Her owner, Madame Violette, saw to her every need. Minou might have lived "happily ever after," but tragedy strikes and Minou finds herself on her own, completely unprepared to take care of herself. As she learns the skills to become selfsufficient, she takes us on a gorgeously illustrated exploration of the sights and architecture of Paris.

Loved by children across the world, Minou has become a classic. "Minou's splendid artwork and spirited story make it one of those rare books that captivates parents as thoroughly as children."

Praise for Minou
McCall's Working Mother magazine
A realistic message for kids about self-reliance, wrapped in the romantic beauty of Paris, is the theme of a wonderful book titled Minou. Illustrated with dreamy watercolors by Japanese artist Itoko Maeno, the story tells of a pampered Siamese cat named Minou who's forced to eke out an existence in the streets after her owner dies. Fortunately for our feline heroine, she meets a worldly and independent kitty named Celeste who teaches Minou how to make her own way in Paris.

Publisher's Weekly
This lavishly illustrated story acts as both a guide to the city of Paris, where the story occurs, and as a metaphor about self-reliance. Minou is a pampered Siamese cat whose owner dies suddenly, leaving her totally helpless. Her entry into the real world is doomed until a friendly feline teaches her to stay alive in the city streets. The Place de la Concorde, Seine and Arc de Triomphe are all here, in vibrant watercolor washes, as is Notre Dame, where Minou eventually finds a home. A glossary gives a brief history of these landmarks and the author, executive director of a regional Girls Club of America, has included a list of ways girls can prepare for the future. The call for independence, through somewhat overstated in the text, is one all children can heed.

Southwest Book Review
Minou is a cute, cuddly and attentive Siamese cat who is lovingly cared for by an elderly Parisian artist. Minou's very contented and secure life is shattered when her owner dies. With no one to care for her, starving and dirty, Minou hits bottom. A street-wise friend helps her to build a new life in which she cares for herself. Minou finds different rewards, including freedom and self-respect, and permanent security.

Mindy Bingham, director of the Girls' Club of Santa Barbara, produced this story to bring to younger children the message of her two self-awareness books for teenagers. Her important message is presented clearly and compassionately, and her description of Minou's progress toward her bittersweet reality is moving. Minou and her acquaintances are fully characterized by Itoko Maneo's evocative, complex watercolor illustrations. Breathtaking depictions of the Parisian points of interest Minou visits in the story are indexed in the back of the books with further information, and a map showing their locations serves as endpapers. A teacher/parent section offers sample questions and points for discussion. The book is a graceful, integrated lesson in preparing for the realities of life, contained in a beautiful and eloquent story.

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