Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes

Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes
Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes

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"Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes is beautiful both visually and spiritually and I would recommend it to all those who want to nurture our children's appreciation of Mother Nature and all her beauty."

Olivia Newton-John

Editorial Reviews
From News Banner Indiana
With all the emphasis on recycling these days, parents (and grandparents) of young children will enjoy a new book entitled, Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes, which creates environmental rhymes that young children will love.

Lovely, full-color illustrations by Itoko Maeno would make the 32-page book a delightful gift for a child from birth to age eight...Back pages of the book include an action agenda suggesting environmental activities adult and child can engage in.

Purchasers of the book will find the easily memorized rhymes are not only effective teaching aids but also extremely entertaining. In speaking of Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes, singer, songwriter, actress, activist, and Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Environment Programme, Olivia Newton John noted that, "One of the most important things we can do for our planet is instill a life-long appreciation of nature in the hearts and minds of our children. Sharing Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes is a perfect way to start."

From the Tri-City Herald
This joyful book goes a long way to prove that poetry for children could be the best poetry of all. The rhymes and sounds of words click in the mind like music. Although that poems are for little ones, parents, older brothers and sisters, and even the culturally elite will like their dynamism and down-to-earth messages about nature.

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