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My10yearPlan Interactive provides an online environment where students can replicate the nearly 100 surveys, activities, and exercises from the award-winning Career Choices text and consumable Workbook and Portfolio. This one-of-a-kind online enhancement guides the learner through the proven career decision-making process, but it is far more than simply an online repository for students’ detailed, quantitative, and meaningful 10-year education and career plans.

Unlike many online planning tools, My10yearPlan is a growing, “organic” system that responds to the learner’s needs. Designed to function as coach, mentor, and advisor, My10yearPlan Interactive is a full-on support system that provides authentic practice with critical and strategic thinking skills as it reinforces the proven planning process outlined in the Career Choices text.

The online format of My10yearPlan Interactive allows for instant access and easy editing, making this ongoing strategic planning process simple to facilitate.

When the learner is in the habit of reviewing their plan and reconsidering the factors that populate it, they will be in a position to dir ect the changes in their life rather than simply reacting to them. The mobile and dynamic nature of My10yearPlan Interactive not only facilitates but also encourages this powerful, lifelong process.

**This product requires that the user also have a copy of Career Choices and Changes.**

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