My Way Sally

My Way Sally
My Way Sally

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When you are a good leader everyone wins. Have you ever noticed that those who seem to be going the wrong way often end up doing better than everyone else? Sally, a fox hound puppy finds herself in this position. In this charming story set in the English countryside, she proves her point - by not shying away from her job and by taking charge!
Everyone wins when Sally uses her leadership skills to accomplish her objectives. Power, it seems, can be used with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all. "My Way Sally provides a delightful example of problem solving strategy in which all parties win." ~School Library Journal

Praise for My Way Sally
From Buckingham Palace
I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter of 4th July, with which you enclosed a copy of My Way Sally. Her Majesty, as you would expect, read it with pleasure, admiring, in particular, the illustrations, which she thought quite charming. It was a kind thought of yours to have sent it.
Robert Fellows
Buckingham Palace

From the Palatka Daily News
Take a charmer of a wise little fox hound and mix in a kind mother fox, a fox kit, the Queen of England and some confused humans and you get a most compassionate moral story in My Way Sally.

The story begins as the little fox hound, Sally, strays from the pack and becomes lost. She encounters another being, much like herself. But it is a young fox. Not knowing that the two are enemies, they frolic and romp together until the arrival of Mother Fox who teaches Sally the ultimate lesson in kindness when she helps the lost puppy find her way home.

That lesson is not lost on Sally as she matures and begins to question her very existence, which is that she is a part of a sport which hunts foxes. The resolution of this conflict makes My Way Sally a most touching, gentle, positive and entertaining children's story. We cheer the brave little fox hound as she questions the old rules and sets out to change them for the better. Ultimately Sally becomes a responsible and innovative leader of the pack of fox hounds -- the result of her positive actions -- offering an enlightened role model for boys and girls alike. The more of the responsibilities of leadership is a subtle one in the book, but one that is brought across successfully.

My Way Sally benefits from the lovely watercolor illustrations of Itoko Maeno, making this a gorgeous children's book. This large format book is one parents will want to read out loud to their children and then discuss this charming tale. In fact, an afterward offers suggestions for discussion that will get you and your young children thinking.

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