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Possibilities is a literature anthology of fifty poems, short stories, essays, and speeches integrated thematically with the lessons in Career Choices. The selections in Possibilities help young people broaden their understanding of self and others. As they discuss and relate the lessons to their own lives, they also increase reading and writing skills.

Jeanne Cazeau, English teacher
The Possibilities text allowed [our students] to experience an advanced selection of literature. Students at our level do not get challenged by the material; your program allowed us to challenge them.

Stacy Raley, language arts teacher
This is a most helpful approach to teaching "required" literature. The questions at the end of each selection were great because they were thought-provoking and stimulated the students to think critically...I loved the journal entries [in Possibilities] because they were theme-oriented/values-oriented rather than literary-oriented, and we English teachers need a different approach at times. I also thought the questions were great because they were thought-provoking and critical-thinking questions.

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